Koleston Perfect Me+ at Suay Hair and Skin Clinic

Wella Hair Colour at Suay Hair and Skin ClinicKoleston Perfect Me+

Suay Hair and Skin Clinic, is the first Salon in Ireland to provide this exquisite hair colour treatment.

Wella have created a new dye molecule that is PPD and PTD free which reduces the risk of developing a new allergy by up to 60 times!

Koleston Perfect Me+ is recommended by ECARF the European Centre for Allergy Research Foundation. New Koleston Perfect Me + contains Pure Balance Technology ensuring that every colour has even tonality from roots to ends. It does this my encapsulating metals which can cause havoc with hair colour such Copper, Zinc, Iron and Magnesium. As these metals no longer interfere in the colouring process there no damage caused by the interaction of metals meaning you will experience radiant pure colour results and your hair condition will be protected like never before.

New Koleston Perfect Me+ is a game changer! You will have colour and condition like never before.