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Exquisite Nail Care at Suay Hair and Skin Clinic
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GELeration by Jessica

BENEFITS OF THENext generation of soak-off gel nail systems

Created with the health of the natural nail in mind, this evolution in technology protects nails, offering weak, bitten or problem nails the opportunity to grow.

  • Perfect nails for 3 weeks with long-lasting high gloss shine
  • Durable yet flexible
  • Non-chip finish
  • No smudging
  • Super-fast drying times
  • Protects the Natural Nail
  • Try it today!

Upon arriving, clients are put into the hands of Certified technicians known as nail cultivists. Initially, the cultivist analyzes a client’s nails to determine what type they are. This is the cornerstone of the System-treating individual nails differently, according to what they need. Once the analysis is made, a regimen is prescribed to restore or maintain the ongoing health and beauty of the nail.

Tiny tears are mended, broken nails are invisibly repaired. Hands and feet are snugged into warm mittens and booties designed to help dry skin absorb rich moisturizers and emollients. The skin around the nail is rarely cut; it is gently pushed back by using a pure linen towel. Specialized products restore life to dry, damaged, or problem nails and assist in the awkward transition from acrylic back to natural nails.

The result of all this attention: growing, glowing, naturally beautiful nails with nothing artificial added. No tips or fills. No abrasive filing.

JESSICA Nail Cultivation Manicure
ZenSpa Pedicure
French Manicure
Polish Change (Hands)
Polish Change (Feet)
GELeration Manicure

LonGelity Nails

Looking for long lasting perfect looking nails?Gel Polish System that gives you Longer, Stronger, Glamour!

After 2 years of focused development, Leighton Denny Expert Nails are excited to announce the launch of LonGELity – A UV/LED curing gel polish system that offers you a 2-3 week chip resistant manicure, with a long lasting, high gloss finish.
Developed in line with our “skincare for the nails” philosophy, we have included valuable treatment ingredients in our prep

aration steps prior to application for ultimate conditioning and hydration.
In addition LonGELity high performance gel shades are colour matched to the favourite best selling polish shades you know and love!

THE gel polish for Longer Lasting Results
Using a combination of high performing polish mixed with premium gel polymer formulation creates a balanced gel polish that cures quickly, whilst providing improved durability with wear for a longer lasting manicure.
Stronger looking nails

Using the very best ingredients including vitamins A & E, Panthenol and essentials minerals to treat the natural nail underneath, and a durable gel polish formulated for ease of removal, LonGELity promotes stronger, healthier natural nail growth
Glamorous finish

With best selling shades of colour inspired by catwalk fashions and trend colours LonGELity gives the very best in elegance, style and glamour.

The intensive mist carries incredibly concentrated, positively charged nanomolecules of keratin protein to the hair. Cationic attraction allows them to repair surface damage as well as penetrate the cuticle and repair the deeper layers of the hair, known as the cortex. Permanent repair is achieved when a second nanomolecular mist seals them into place, copying nature’s recipe for perfect hair.The smoother, repaired cuticle layers are ionically positioned for maximum light reflection and a superb shine.