New Natural Hair TherapyN-GRAVITY

  • N is for Nature in Hair -Natural proteins for hair, applied through an incredible micro – misting system
  • Guarantee – 100% Healthy, Silicone Free, Alcohol Free, Colour Free, Fragrance Free
  • Natural Proteins – Keratin Protein, Silk Protein,Soy Protein
  • Nature’s Power – Honey, Sugar Cane, Bamboo Powder, Root of Kudzu
  • Advanced Technology – Nanotherapy Nanomax Microsystem
  • Conventional Treatments – Proteins >Liquid
  • Nanotherapy Treatments – Micro-Proteins >Mist
  • Greenergy System – The Green Energy system emits a wavelength of 555nm, facilitating the penetration and cohesion, this mist of micro-proteins are carried into deeper areas of the hair.