Semi permanent make upTattooing at SUAY

Suay is proud to be experts We know all there is to know about brows! So if you’ve been on the search for your perfect brows, you’ve found the right place.

Semi permanent make up is a great solution for those with busy modern lifestyles – who wouldn’t like to wake up with perfectly balanced and shaped eyebrows already in place each morning? Suay’s semi permanent make up treatments will simplify your make up routine and also make you look and feel great.

Semi permanent make up procedures (also known as micropigmentation) have been used successfully for many years to create make up looks that last. This is a subtle and effective solution which lasts for around 1-2 years.

Coloured pigments are implanted into the dermal layer of the skin using state-of-the-art machinery which has been specifically designed for cosmetic use. The machines and pigments used at Suay are very different to those you’d find in a conventional tattoo studio – Laura offers the very best treatments and follows strict health and safety protocols using single use sterile needle cartridges.

If you’re considering a semi permanent make up procedure, Laura’s free one to one skin consultation is a great way to find out about the best treatment for you and also to answer any questions you may have. Laura will work very closely with you to find the right treatment and to achieve the results you are looking for.