Natural Inclusive Health – Body Lift


Watch your pounds melt away and eliminate your problem zones. Achieve a beautiful, slim body, easily and permanently. Firm up your skin and deep tissue and attain a beautiful, well-formed outline in the most important body areas – systematically and long-lasting at SUAY Castlebar.
SUAY provides modern technology that offers optimum results with gentle methods that are kind to the skin and tissue.
At SUAY, we understand our clients and the importance for them to maintain a natural, healthy appearance and keeping a youthful look for as long as possible. That is why we provide revolutionary weight and skin treatment systems, which is the perfect symbiosis between nature and technology to attain effective results.
The full body lift at SUAY contains natural active ingredients with the best technological and scientific findings,  with the goal of being as simple, natural and effective.
This treatment is ideal for people who notice, their skin beginning to hang, cellulite and fat pads forming.

How does the Natural Body Lift work?

Technology 1:RADIO FREQUENCY – promotes the breakdown of fat, safely eliminates problem zones and effectively firms skin.
Technology 2: EMS – strengthens the deeper muscle fibres and builds up muscle, so that your body becomes tighter and stronger and regains it’s natural contour.
Technology 3: MICRO-VIBRATION – Loosens the spaces between the cells and ensures that gels used during the treatment penetrates deep into the skin layers to help give the best results


The energy of radio-frequency waves generates heat in the skin. This warming of tissue produces 2 effects – the radio-frequency waves cause a change in the properties of the fat cell membranes, they become more permeable.  This increase permeability allows part of the contents of the fat cell compounds known as triglycerides to pass out of the cells through the membranes.  The lymphatic system then transports the released fat away naturally.  The heating also boosts the overall metabolism of adipose tissue, thus promoting the breakdown of fat.  Within the connective tissue the radio-frequency waves also heat up the collagen fibres causing their protein structure to change and the fibres to contract, thus in addition to releasing the fat from the above fat cells.  The radio-frequency waves cause the connective tissue along with the skin above it to become firmer.


This body lifting program is aimed at enhancing, toning, creating volume in your skin and creating more attractive contours. EMS works by stimulating muscle fibres located lower down and builds the muscles up in a targeted fashion – creating muscle volume means a firmer body and firmer skin.


Deep massage cell complexes in the skin are loosened and the intercellular spaces and the lower skin layers are expanded allowing the absorption of greater quantities of the active ingredients.

Natural Face Lift

Gain a younger and healthier appearance – No need for injections or medical intervention – Bring back your youthful looks!  SUAY provide a revolutionary skin treatment system, which is the perfect symbiosis between nature and technology to attain effective results.