Today we speak with Laura kinsella, SUAY’s senior medical Aesthetician. Laura specialises in advanced diathermy with over 16 years experience.  She promotes safe effective advanced cosmetic procedures successfully – removing and visibly reducing unwanted blemishes on the skin such as moles, skin tags, blood spots, milia, warts, etc…

Warts usually occur on the hands but they are not limited to that part of the body.  Warts are skin growths that appear when a virus infects the top layer of the skin.  There are various types of warts including plane, common, seborrheic and verruca’s. They can grow individually or in clusters and all can be easily and successfully treated using our advanced diathermy system at SUAY.

I recently treated a lady who wanted to remove the warts on her hand.  This particular treatment usually requires one treatment but sometimes the warts can be a little stubborn and therefore, another treatment may be required.

After the initial treatment, I met with the lady to see the results of the treatment.  There were one or two warts, slightly visible, so we did another session of advanced diathermy which helped remove the warts completely.  This particular wart removal treatment cost €200, which included the revised treatment and follow up consultation.  It is important for us at SUAY, that clients are happy with the results and that is why we highly recommend a review after each treatment to analyse the results.

The photograph below was taken after the wart removal treatment. It is normal to have redness around the treated area after the procedure.  This is will fade back to the normal skin colour after a period of time.

Warts are one of the most common skin issues that people want to get treated.  They are often nervous about getting the treatment and don’t know what to expect.

During your wart removal consultation, we will talk you through the best ways to remove and treat the warts.  The advanced diathermy consists of a fine needle, which is inserted multiple times into the treated area (this depends on the size of the wart).  The current travels from the needle into the root of the wart for approximately 7-10 seconds each time.

The wart may initially appear whiter and slightly more raised.  This will turn to a dark colour with crust forming on the treated area – This usually falls off after 4-7 days and the will smoothen.  After this we review the treatment to make sure all the warts are gone.

It is important to remember that warts are highly contiguous virus and can spread or be passed onto others which is why it is important to treat them as soon as possible.

Unfortunately, wart removal treatment can be uncomfortable, as the wart virus can often be stubborn/strong.  However, the treatment is effective and highly worth it.

Warts can be treated all over the body except the genital area, as this requires a medical doctors attention and recommendation.

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