Senior Medical AestheticianLaura Kinsella

Laura Kinsella is a leading medical aesthetician in IRELAND, and a specialist in diathermy; with private practices in Cambridge and Ireland. Laura boasts over 19 years experience in the skincare, treatment and tattooing industries.

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Laura uses advanced cosmetic procedures such as diathermy to offer clients a simple and safe method for successfully removing and visibly reducing unwanted skin blemishes and therefore improving the skin of male and female clients alike. She takes pride in enabling her clients to attain and maintain a beautiful, smooth and blemish free complexion which gives them confidence and happiness within.

Here at SUAY Hair and Skin Clinic, Laura believes that professional development is on-going; therefore she ensures that she is always kept up to date with the latest technology, advancements and techniques of all the treatments she offers to ensure that SUAY Hair and Skin Clinic always offer its clients the best possible treatment and service.

Laura offers a range of non-invasive cosmetic medical treatments that are designed to treat facial ageing while rejuvenating the skin; Laura’s aim as a diathermy specialist is to deliver the most advanced safe and proven aesthetic treatments in Ireland, within a caring, welcoming and professional environment.

All of the skincare and treatments offered here at SUAY Hair and Skin Clinic are designed to fit in with clients busy lifestyles and schedules, with the aim that they can return to normal activities with minimal or no downtime at all. Most treatments can be completed over a lunch break or in under a few hours; therefore allowing the client to return to their normal work, family or social life with ease.

If you have features that you feel have been lost over time, have gained wrinkles over the years or would like your skin to look and feel rejuvenated and hydrated then why not book a skin consultation with Laura; she can help you achieve a more youthful, vibrant appearance and a happier, more confident you.

The rise in self-confidence and self-esteem that clients receive from SUAY Hair and Skin Clinic treatments has led to huge benefits throughout all aspects of their lives; call Laura now to find out more. Laura is passionate about offering superior customer service and leading-edge technology as one of the best diathermy specialists in Ireland.

Laura was awarded with the coveted Business All-Star Accreditation. It is an independently verified standard mark for businesses based on rigorous selection criteria; performance, trust and customer centricity.

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Treated Skin Conditions

Advanced Diathermy Mole Treatment

Mole Reduction

The common mole is a coloured spot on the skin that develops when pigment cells grow in clusters, moles will sometimes be…

Advanced Diathermy Verucca Treatment


Verrucas are a common skin condition for which there are various treatments available. In simple terms a verruca…

Advanced Diathermy Warts Treatment


Warts are most commonly found on the hands and feet and can be highly contagious. There are various different types of warts including…

Advanced Diathermy Skin Tag Treatment

Fibre Epithelial Polyps / Skin Tags

Skin tags are a very popular skin problem for many people; they often appear with a neck similar to a tiny mushroom and will vary in size…

Advanced Diathermy Thread Veins

Broken Capillaries / Thread Veins

Laura offers a diathermy treatment that can dramatically improve your appearance and allow clients to say goodbye to those unsightly spidery veins…

Advanced Diathermy Milia


Milia can be found on the skin of people of all ages and they form when keratin becomes trapped beneath the outer layer of the skin…

Advanced Diathermy Blood Spot Treatment

Blood Spots / Cherry Spots

Most people over the age of 30 years old will tend to have at least one blood spot which is a bright red vascular blemish which lies just…

Advanced Diathermy Sebaceous Cysts Treatment

Sebaceous Cysts

A sebaceous cyst will develop under the skin and is a lump behind the ear that is noncancerous, it is generally not harmful but many…

Advanced Diathermy Dermatosis Paulosa Nigra Treatment

Dermatosis Paulosa Nigra

Dermatosis Paulosa Nigra, also known as seborrhoeic keratosis are more common on darker skin types and will commonly occur around the…

Advanced Diathermy Sebaceous Hyperplasia Treatment

Sebaceous Hyperplasia

Shown in the form of small and painless bumps sebaceous hyperplasia can be white, yellow, pink or skin-coloured and are identified by a central…

Advanced Diathermy Age Spots

Age Spots & Hyperpigmentation

Here at Suay, Laura offers treatments to help remove or lighten age spots to allow them to be less noticeable. There are different types of…

Advanced Diathermy Xanthoma Treatment

Xanthoma Reduction

Xanthoma is a yellow flat plaque that is found on the upper and lower eyelids, most often near the inner part of the eye. Xanthoma is often…

Advanced Diathermy Spider NaeviTreatment

Spider Naevi

Very commonly seen in the upper part of the body around the face, neck, arms and upper chest spider naevi get their name…

Advanced Diathermy Hair Removal Treatment

Hair Removal Diathermy

In the hands of a qualified professional, diathermy for hair removal is perfectly safe and highly effective for…

Advanced Diathermy Syringoma Treatment

Syringoma Treatment

Very often syringoma is mistaken for Milia but unlike Milia the blemishes of syringoma do not contain hard keratin, instead they are…