For some people, spotting the first grey hair can be shocking.  You ask yourself – what is this grey hair doing on MY HEAD???? Panic sets in and you might pluck the silver strand of hair and investigate it under a bright light to check if it’s just a lighter shade of blond, brunette or could it actually be a grey hair!??  

Don’t panic because today we are talking with Mary Gannon, Owner of SUAY and session stylist to help answer your questions regarding grey hair. 


Hi Mary, when do people start getting grey hair?
People can start going grey as young as 20.  Red heads may spot their first silver strand at 30.  Brunettes go grey at 30-35 and blonds around the age of 35.

Is grey hair related to age?
It is believed to be partly due to genetics and partly because our cells produce less and less of the pigment.  Scientists have identified the specific gene that determines greying hair.  The gene IRF4 regulates a natural hair, skin and eye pigment called melanin.  Experts believe there are many genetic as well as some environmental factors involved in this ageing pathway – IRF4 is now an example that we know about.

What is the best way to treat grey hair?
First of all, I would like to say grey hair is nothing to stress about or be ashamed of.  Even celebrities go grey and many are not ashamed to flaunt their beautiful silver locks.  So if you want to accentuate your grey hair or find the best treatment to hide it, then your best option is to seek professional advice and book a consultation with a  colour technician.  This truly is the best way to get advice on achieving a natural colour whilst keeping the hair condition priority.

Which is better for grey hair… highlights or hair dye?
There is no one solution that is suitable for everyone.  Many factors come into play, such as skin tone, eye colour and hair condition.   Again a professional consultation would help determine the best way to enhance the over all look for you.

Is the myth true… Plucking a grey hair can lead to three new ones?
This is only a myth. However, plucking is not advisable as it could potentially destroy the hair follicle and possibly lead to bald patches.

I love my grey hair and want to embrace it!  Do you have any advice on how to achieve vibrant, beautiful grey hair?
It is great you want to embrace your grey hair and there are many treatments that can help keep your hair fresh and healthy.   For example, here at SUAY we have an amazing Nanomax keratin and protein treatment which can enhance your over all colour by adding shine.  This treatment conditions, thickens and rebuilds the hair’s natural strength leaving the hair beautiful by transforming it’s colour.  We also stock, specialised hair kits that you can use at home to continue the best treatment for your hair.

Are there different shades of grey?
Yes there is a plethora of different shades.  Stars like Helen Mirren and Jamie Lee Curtis proudly walk the red carpet showing off their natural hair colour.  Even the  younger celebs such as Rita Ora, Rhianna and Ellie Goulding have dyed their hair grey.  Variations of silver hair colours are becoming very popular and often incorporate ombre styles. Silver hairstyles may range from angelically delicate and light to rebelliously edgy. Incorporating style and texture to enhance silver hair guarantees that grey hair will be a great look for some.

I am only 19 and found a grey hair!  Should I be worried?
It is not unusual to discover grey hair at 19.

What hair styles do you recommend for those with grey hair?
It depends on the individuals style and percentage of grey tones in their hair.  The texture and colour of hair can determine the best look to suit the client face shape.   You don’t want too long, unconditioned, straggly grey hair, so it would be best to book a consultation with your hair stylist to discover the best cut and style for you.

What is the best way to treat hair that has just a few grey strands?
Depends on the individual – each person needs to determine what they want and how they feel about the grey combination and the different tones – lighter or darker when finished or blend the grey very subtly.   

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